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Math Enrichment Courses

KG Enrichment
Ages: 5-6
Students learn to read and write digits 0-9, develop understanding of quantity (more / less) and ...
1st Grade Enrichment
Ages: 6-7
Students master single digit addition and subtraction using multiple strategies along with tellin...
2nd Grade Enrichment
Ages: 7-8
Students learn to add and subtract two and three digit numbers mentally as well as learn advanced...
3rd Grade Enrichment
Ages: 8-9
Students master multiplication tables and advanced subtraction techniques while gaining an unders...
4th Grade Enrichment
Ages: 9-10
Students master advanced techniques for two and three digit multiplication along with divisibilit...
5th - 6th Grade Enrichment
Ages: 10-11
Students master powerful mental multiplication and division techniques with whole numbers, decima...
Ages: 12-14
Students gain a mastery of integers and integer operations. Students learn to solve challenging r...
Ages: 13-15
Students master operations with integers, exponents, and order of operations. Students learn to s...
Ages: 14-16
Students learn about geometric constructions and rigid transformations. Students are introduced t...
Algebra 2
Ages: 15-17
Students explore the core content of Algebra 2 through sequences, patterns, visual models and cha...
Programming Lab
Ages: 9-15
Students in Programming Lab will progress through a series of challenges as they go! Each challen...
Elementary Math Team
Ages: 10-12
Elementary Math Team participants compete in mathematical competitions year-round. Competitions i...
Middle School Math Team
Ages: 13-15
Middle School Math Team participants prepare for mathematical competitions year-round. We practic...
"My daughter used to attend Kumon, but she didn’t like it. It was all repetition and I just didn’t see the value in it. I’ve been thrilled since we switched to Math Plus Academy. She loves coming to the classes and she even completes her Math Plus homework in the morning before I drop her off at school!"

-- G. Brown
"Thank you for creating online math enrichment classes! This was such a crucial thing for my son who has been attending Math Plus Academy since first grade and enjoys every bit of it."

-- V. Nardella
"I never felt like my kids we’re truly challenged in school – I was on the look out for an extra-curricular that was both challenging and fun!"

-- G. Wang
"My family likes everything about Math Plus, especially the way math is taught and the approaches they use to make kids understand math rather than just solving sums."

-- P. Murukutla

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Your Child Can LOVE Math!

Attitude is EVERYTHING in Math

"That’s not the way I learned it in school, but I like this WAY better! It’s a lot easier!"

-- JT on mental multiplication
"I could stay at Math Plus forever…I love it here. I wish they taught math like this at school."

-- Abigail
"I love this! It's like a workout for my brain!"

-- Angelina solving a challenging problem
"I rocked subtraction tonight! I'm a human calculator!"

-- Nate on mental subtraction

Features You Will Love

The 21st century requires a new kind of learner — not someone who can only answer by rote, but someone who can think and solve problems. At Math Plus Academy, your child can gain confidence, get inspired, and learn to think rather than just memorize.


Proven Curriculum

Unlike traditional tutoring companies, Math Plus Academy helps students excel by focusing on what schools don’t -- mental math, problem solving, and critical thinking.


Weekly Lessons that Challenge

Weekly, one-hour classes pick up right where school leaves off. We teach strategies that complement what students learn in school and help them develop stronger number sense and problem solving skills.


Passionate Teachers & Small Classes

All of our teachers are state certified, highly trained, and love math. Our classes are limited to 10 students with three instructors so we can appropriately challenge every child.


Rewards Program

Our rewards program is based on gaining experience points, just like in a video game. Students "level up" to earn privileges and prizes. Our rewards system motivates students to strive for mastery.


Easy Make-ups and Extra 1-on-1 Support Included

Missed a class? Simply find another one on the schedule and attend that class as a make-up. Does your child need help with assignments? Book a complimentary 1-on-1 tutoring session whenever you need it.

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