Tech Lab   Ages 8-14

In-Person course

Year-Round Course Summary

Students in Tech will progress through a series of challenges as they go! Each challenge is designed to teach a basic skill or concept. Subsequent challenges build on prior learning. Students work individually or in pairs to complete the challenges. Kids love the challenge just like they love video games — because they get instant feedback and they get the rush of solving problems that seemed just out of reach.

Course Requirements

There are no pre-requisites to join Tech Lab; Just a love of creativity and learning! We can work with students as young as 2nd grade.

Course Content (Units are 4-6 weeks)

Each week will vary based on student progress. As students complete challenges, they can move on at their own pace!


$327 / 3 months

Math Plus Academy

9681 Sawmill Rd.
Powell, Ohio 43065

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