2nd Grade Enrichment   Ages 7-8

Online course

Year-Round Course Summary

Students learn to add and subtract two and three digit numbers mentally as well as learn advanced techniques to check their results. Students are introduced to fractions and advanced skip counting to prepare them for multiplication. The focus on building strong mental math and problem solving skills.

Course Requirements

Prior to joining this course, students should be able to:

Course Content (Units are 4-6 weeks)

Unit 1 - Place value to 1000 and 2- and 3-digit addition and subtraction without regrouping
Unit 2 - Mental math strategies for multi-digit addition
Unit 3 - Mental math strategies for multi-digit subtraction
Unit 4 - Using digit sums to check answers
Unit 5 - Introduction to fractions and telling time
Unit 6 - Money, making change, and money word problems
Unit 7 - Skip counting by 2 through 9 to develop skills for multiplication
Unit 8 - Understanding data and charts


$447 / 3 months


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