Algebra   Ages 12-14

Online course

Year-Round Course Summary

Students master operations with integers, exponents, and order of operations. Students learn to solve complex single variable equations along with graphing equations using a variety of techniques. Students also solve systems of equations and are introduced to Algebra 2 concepts like parent functions and radicals.

Course Requirements

Prior to joining this course, students should be able to:

Course Content (Units are 4-6 weeks)

Unit 1 - Integers, exponents, absolute value
Unit 2 - Using visual models and patterns to create and solve equations
Unit 3 - Graphing equations written in a variety of forms.
Unit 4 - Functions
Unit 5 - Inequalities
Unit 6 - Solving systems of equations
Unit 7 - Polynomials plus exponential growth and decay
Unit 8 - Radicals and the quadratic equation
Unit 9 - Parent functions and transformations


$447 / 3 months

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