Geometry   Ages 13-15

Online course

Year-Round Course Summary

Students learn about geometric constructions and rigid transformations. Students are introduced to the terminology and logic of inductive and deductive proofs. Student apply proof skills to properties of lines, angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, and circles. Student are also introduced to the properties of 3D shapes and trigonometry.

Course Requirements

Prior to joining this course, students should have completed an Algebra course.

Course Content (Units are 4-6 weeks)

Unit 1 - Geometric constructions and rigid transformations
Unit 2 - Deductive reasoning and proofs
Unit 3 - Parallel lines, angles, and quadrilaterals
Unit 4 - Triangle congruence and similarity
Unit 5 - Pythagorean Theorem and right triangles
Unit 6 - Properties and theorems of circles
Unit 7 - 3D shapes
Unit 8 - Intro to trigonometry


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